Doubt caters to my longing for images, but are they glorious?

Sometimes I’m more willing
to let doubt reign in my heart
than Christ.
Christ is quiet
and respectful of the silence
it takes to get my
undivided attention,
while doubt often
gives me exactly
what I ask for
right now–
the noise turned up
and the freedom to let
my imagination
run wild.
Christ knows there is a
freedom that goes
beyond the promise
of the moment,
but too often
I don’t want to wait
with my questions
to find out how
glorious it is.


Mystery may cloud my way, but can’t keep me from getting home

Mystery peeks at us
from the shadowy
every block
we walk.
I complain to God,
wondering why He
why He doesn’t
every trace
of this menace
from our course.
He knows
that I hate
sharing our way
with a presence
that makes
me so unsure
of everything
I once thought
was a stranger
to the shadows.
My heart cries
and He just takes
my hand and
keeps walking.
It’s okay
nothing ahead
can stop Him
from leading me

If I live my life All The Way…

If I live my life all the way,
it might disturb some significant people,
limit my identification with the trends they love,
and jeopardize the kind of “normal” we share.
But, if I live my life all the way,
it will draw me closer to God than anyone else,
mark everything I do with the decal of the Kingdom,
and leave me with only enough room for the “extraordinary.”

Life as we know it…Do we know enough Life?

Life as we know it…
do we value it too much
to discover Life as our Redeemer knows it?
Life as we dream it…
is it such a comfort to our hearts
that we never release our Sustainer to weave His dreams among us?
Life as we command it…
Does the power we exercise satisfy us enough
to forfeit living our daily lives under the command of God?

Are you content with your life-statement?

Your life,
and mine,
is defined,
every day,
by just one thing–
our answer to this
simple question:
What have I done
with Christ?

(Or, as it truly is,
What has Christ been free
to do with me?
Whatever response from us
follows these question marks
will be our life statement.
Are you content with yours?

Going the distance: A marriage proposal from God

Reversal, Lord–constant reversal!
Every bit of walking in Your direction
has been about
saying no to what has seemed good to me
and turning around to say yes
to what I know seems good to You.
How this process
has stretched my heart–
often in ways I believed
would leave it permanently misshapen.
But You have remained faithful.
You have shown me
what love means:
Choosing to walk with the One
I have committed to,
that He may ever have the fullest joy
of His commitment to me.